Strata complexity.

Strata is a complex type of property ownership with lengthy legislation in place designed to make community living as fair as possible for all.

Insurance in itself is a complex financial service and when we combine these to form strata insurance we have one complicated product!

When an event occurs that leads to financial loss for one or more unit owners, it is important that great care is taken to ensure they are paid their full entitlement under the insurance policy.

Insurers are for profit organisations and as such have motivation to minimise what they pay out in claims. It is our experience that the best outcome for a claimant comes when they have an expert fighting for their entitlement.

We are that expert.

We’re on your team.

Insurers have teams of Claims Assessors and Loss Adjusters that work tirelessly on ways to settle the minimum amount they are liable to pay on your claim.

These individuals usually have vast experience in doing so and as such have the ‘edge’ when arguing facets of the policy with non-experts.

When you appoint us to act for you, you’ll now have an expert representing your interest and significantly increase the likelihood of your claim being paid.

Further, we understand all of the benefits available to you under the policy so can point out other claims you can make.

You pay a premium for your insurance policy and deserve to get all you are entitled to, come claim time.

...a very much needed service.
— Suresh P.
I wish I knew about you earlier.
— Jordan S.

Insurer timeliness.

Insurers can inadvertently cause delays in assessing claims. Fortunately for you, the General Insurance Code of Practice exists which requires responses and decisions to be made within certain time frames.

We have expert knowledge of these time frames and will make sure you receive responses and decisions in a timely manner and consistent with this code.

If there have been breaches by the insurer, we will notify the relevant body in an effort to ensure they do not occur again.

Dispute Resolution.

In the past there was little one could do in the case there was disagreement in a decision the insurer has made. Now however, the claimant has many options to escalate the matter and have the decision reviewed by non-biased parties.

These options include internal dispute resolution, the Australian Financial Complaints Authority, your state Consumer and Administrative Tribunal and finally the courts.

We have plenty of experience at all levels and can make submissions on your behalf at any dispute stage.

Founder & Senior Claims Preparer


Simon Plummer
Senior Claims Preparer

Simon has worked in the strata insurance industry for close to a decade, both in Australia and the United Arab Emirates. Simon has significant experience in managing claims portfolios with previous roles including the National Claims Manager representing Australia's largest strata insurer - handling a claims portfolio of over $140M per annum.

Simon has experience working with internal and external dispute resolution services along with consumer and administrative tribunals in multiple states. He also holds practical familiarity with all major strata insurance policy wordings, state-based strata legislation and insurer codes of practice.